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It is important to consider essential services during the design stage and certainly prior to commencing construction.

This includes talking with your architect and builder about hub locations, cabling to the street and roof for connected content (eg Foxtel and NBN), ensuring that there is cable access between the different suspended slab levels, understanding why appropriate high-speed cables are vital to allocate to entertainment spaces and WIFI antenna locations. 


Surrounds offers design, obligation free quotes, project management, installation and commissioning for the following services. 


Essential to a modern home and imperative during the building process is the wiring infrastructure. This involves cabling not only to essential locations like the study or kitchen phone locations but also to entertainment areas of the home so that you can take full advantage of the internet, free to air and satellite content signals. 


A well-designed network (wired and wireless) ensures the ability to be connected to the internet and enables devices in the home to talk together effectively. This covers networking routers, switches, and WIFI access points to ensure that your systems and devices receive an equal quality of service, allowing the many electronic systems to function correctly and efficiently.


Keypads and other user authentication devices like proximity or biometric readers are useful in areas where a key based system is not practical, these include gates and perimeter access areas where simple access is requested.

These can be used for front door or other main entry locations as required.


Our video door stations provide a means of monitoring your front gate or pedestrian entry point. When the button is pressed a chime will activate internally and the video and audio signal will be active on your network connected internal station, you can then commence two-way communication. Ask us about our remote intercom options on your portable device.


A well-implemented lighting control system offers many advantages. These include one-touch control for preset moods and scenes, schedule option for lights, blinds, fans and heating. Energy management is an important consideration, the system allows for motion-based activation options, remote and scheduled shut down of connected energy consuming hardware and the ability to make changes to your system down the track.


Ensuring high-speed broadband services such as the NBN, fixed wireless and/or emerging 5G technology connection provisions are allowed for. This aspect includes cabling from the hub location to the inbound cable connection point (side of the house) as well as cabling to the roof for free-to-air TV antenna (commercial channels 10,9,7) and the Foxtel satellite dish services.


Alarm systems are designed to protect property or persons, and this requires careful consideration of the site and the individual circumstances. A well-designed security alarm system can not only give you peace of mind but can also cleverly integrate with other systems within the home giving even greater functionality.


An important part of a modern security system is having the ability to visually monitor areas of the home so as to check the surroundings, view recorded footage after a security event or even to monitor children playing in the backyard or in the pool. Camera surveillance systems can provide all of this through the use of discreet CCTV cameras mounted in strategic locations.


This includes wiring to areas of the home for custom ceiling or wall speaker installation. In some areas of the home, we may need to install construction slab boxes. This also includes wiring to wall mount TV locations. 


The key to the design and of a single app home starts with the selection of a centralised control system. This “control system” can take interface with the many separate systems in the home such as lighting, home entertainment, security, climate control, making them all easier to use by giving you only the relevant controls using a single app, this creates simplicity and increases the potential from each system. 

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