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Few of us have time these days to waste fiddling with the right light setting, sifting through a collection of cables to try fitting to a portable device or trying to find the remote control for that overhead projector. Using smart technology and good design practices, we can design and deploy a system that makes it easy to set the appropriate light level, close the blinds, adjust the local temperature, and power up the audio-visual or video conferencing system - all at the touch of a button. 


Do you have a hollow sounding or echo filled space that needs to be acoustically treated?   


Surrounds offer design, obligation free quotes, project management, installation and commissioning for the following services. 


A modern boardroom, conference or huddle room is often required to be a multi-purpose space. We can assist with video conferencing, display presentation and integration with your existing infrastructure. Have a chat with us about our all-in-one solutions for the modern commercial space. 


LCD display screens, projection screens and projectors are getting larger, and can often take up large amounts of visible space. Talk to us about how you can hide these items using electro-mechanical lift systems to stow equipment when not in use.


For spaces where presentations and video conferencing are used regularly, it is important to consider electronic lighting control. A presentation with full-motion video may require effective dimming, while a video conferencing event may require enhanced shadow reducing lighting. 


Some rooms can be acoustically bright, or reflective to an extent where the room doesn't feel right. These types of areas can be corrected by acoustically treating a room or space using a range of acoustic material. 


Typically all electrical works on a commercial site are left to the nominated electrical contractor. Surrounds partners with electrical contractors on commercial projects to offer design and installation expertise in the extra low voltage space, or in the data, TV, security, access control, intercoms and automation disciplines. 

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