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All electronic systems will, at some stage, require some service and maintenance.

Surrounds is a service based company, we provide preventative maintenance, incident-based service attendance, critical and after-hours response, warranty and non-warranty hardware repair.

Christmas and New Year Closure: 24th December, 2022 - 9th January, 2023 


Do you require technical assistance?


Fill in our service request booking form below and our support department will contact you to confirm your details and a booking time that is convenient for you.


You can also call us at 9389 6900 and follow the prompts to talk to our service manager. If our service manager is unavailable or you are calling after hours, please leave a detailed message so we can get back to you.


Technical Service Fees and Charges


Standard Service


Normal Operating Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday (Excludes Public Holidays and Company Close Periods) 

Call Out Fee: $165 (includes the first 15 minutes labour) 
Hourly Fee: $140 per hour per technician (billed in 15-minute blocks)


We offer a discounted call out fee of $135 (pre-payment required), please confirm in the form below if you would like to take up this offer. 


After Hours Service


After Hours: 3:30pm-8:30am Monday-Friday. All hours Saturday, Sunday and any Public Holiday or company close periods.
Call Out Fee: $400 (includes the first 15 minutes labour) 
Hourly Fee: $200 per hour per technician (billed in 15-minute blocks)


Remote Service


Many of our installation sites have remote management appliances installed allowing for remote support, this remote support is only possible if there is an active internet connection to the site. We can only support IP-enabled devices, examples include, changing user access codes, rebooting connected devices, performing software updates, testing network performance etc. 


Remote service is a cost-effective option and will be the default service choice, if we are unable to assist remotely we will book a site visit by one of our technical service personnel. 


Remote Service (Normal Hours): $140 per hour (billed in 15-minute blocks)


Remote Service (After Hours): $200 per hour (billed in 15-minute blocks)


Service Disclaimer


Surrounds as a technical service company offers service during normal as well as after-hours periods for the purpose of providing specialised assistance with many different electronic lifestyle systems, technologies as well as audio/visual entertainment systems that will fail or fault from time to time.


Please note that while best efforts are made, a service call out does not guarantee a successful outcome. 


The service fee charged covers the cost of sending a technically trained person to your premises to perform in their best capacity to rectify the fault or issue as described. 


In some cases there may be a total failure of multiple systems and equipment may need to be removed from your site for repair or further testing, in other cases a replacement part may be required and a return trip may be necessary. 


Call out fees and additional time costs (as listed above) will apply regardless of the outcome. 


While we endeavour to be on time, our service technicians may be delayed depending on the workload or complexity of a prior appointment. Surrounds will make every effort to notify you in cases where technical service personnel will be delayed in excess of 1 hour of your estimated appointment start time.


If a time frame is critical please make a first booking request. 

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