A Project in the Country

Smart home technology is not just limited to city projects. Country residences benefit from energy management and smart home control not to mention security and must have items like a video intercom station at a gate that is often a remarkable distance from the main residence.

In this project a 500 meter single mode fibre run for video and voice communications was required, this ran from the hub room (build images below) underground to a weatherproof enclosure near the gate for signal and gate trigger control.   

Other aspects of this build include implementing C-Bus lighting control throughout, not just for the residences but also for the external sections including roads, paddocks and outer buildings. This will allow for management of the lighting and other system integrated power consumption devices to be controlled by the owner or occupant directly or by engaging powerful scene or macro functions that run on their own. 

Security for living areas and the perimeter is also implemented and integrated with other systems in this project enabling trigger commands from the security system to activate lighting plans and scenes.

As an example, security alarm activation can trigger lights increasing the warning element.

Three touch panels will be installed throughout for easy control, with monitoring of the different systems also available via portable devices like iPads, iPhones and others.

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