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Affordable Doesn't Have to be Nasty!!!

A smaller project in Bicton has recently come together with a well constructed and organised 19" rack designed for holding equipment securely with space for heat to disperse and room to grow as technology demands. 

This rack supports up to 24 powered data points throughout the home, at Surrounds we put a lot of importance in ensuring capacity is there for future options. If you have a data point in the home you can be assured it will be live, not sitting wrapped up waiting to be installed correctly. 

All cables labelled correctly so that the homeowner can get a grip on what is what and make appropriate changes without needing to consult with us on a Saturday night when he or she gets adventurous. 

All our systems come with a quick sheet on rack layout and numbering plans show what goes where just in case people start to doze off halfway through our handover meeting. 

This project has 2 x home run SONOS audio zones to the Balcony and Dining areas with shelving options hidden behind the blanking panels to allow for the option of adding Foxtel or other media players for home distribution.

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) protects the networking hardware and remote gateway appliance from power spikes or total power failure. 

For quality installations like the one pictured below come talk to us, we don't have to have wired your home and are accustomed to coming in after wiring is complete.

The rack units we use come in multiple heights but are always 600mm wide (19" Standard) and either 600mm or 800mm deep depending on the application. They can be wall mounted like the one pictured or free standing. 


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