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Dali Lighting Control Benefits

DALI or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface is one of the newer lighting control technologies that have been popular in the commercial lighting space and is starting to gain traction in the residential space. 


DALI is an internationally recognised standard that allows for two-way communications between lumiere (light fitting) ballasts, essentially similar to how a computer network functions. Each ballast has a unique address and signals commands can be individually routed enabling individual fitting control. 


This allows for commands like fittings 2, 8 and 12 turn off - commercially this is great for large office spaces where you may have sections shut down based on time of the day and/or to provide energy saving benefits. 


The DALI Standard also enables dimmable ballasts, transformers, relay modules, emergency fittings and controllers from different manufacturers to be mixed and matched into a single control system.


Traditional lighting control methods are based on circuit design, where circuits are designed or nominated by a designer in advance and then wired during the construction phase. Following this, there is no flexibility post construction as you are controlling a bank or circuit of lights at the same time. 


One of the key benefits of DALI is the ability to control lights individually or group them into software defined switch groups circuits long after wiring has been completed. Another advantage and depending on overhead allowances, the ability to add fittings to a particular space after wiring has been completed. This gives an incredible amount of flexibility across the project that can also add future proofing value.


Not all fittings designed for a residential space will be DALI compatible, however, a number of downlights, strip lights, and external light fitting manufacturers offer a DALI control option. 


Advantages for Designers

  • Increased energy savings.

  • Control of individual lights and dynamic creation of groups (circuits). 

  • Ability to configure & reconfiguration for changing scenarios.

  • Enhanced dimming control. 

  • Simple interface with control and building management systems.

Advantages for Builders and Electrical Contractors. 

  • Easy 5-core wiring (Cost Effective).

  • Mains voltage switching handled internally by the ballasts.

  • Less time adjusting for dimming issues. 

  • Ability to add emergency lighting into the lighting scheme (where required)

DALI is compatible with the C-bus lighting control system using the 5502DAL gateway along with many other lighting and building management systems, allowing flexible choices for switching, movement detection sensors, touch panel and wireless control interfaces (iPad and more). 


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