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Distributing TV Sound

Most people know about the Sonos Playbar, for those who don’t, this is the Sonos answer to the TV sound bar, not only does it do almost everything a traditional sound bar was meant to do in fine quality but it adds the Sonos streaming audio aspect to the mix.

Sonos Playbar

You might have the TV running in the living room but you want to hear it while making a cup of tea in the kitchen, relates more then anything to sports, news, cooking programs etc.

The problem with digital to analogue conversion is sometimes between speakers there is a delay, so the speakers you hear at the TV end produce sound slightly faster then the ones in your kitchen creating an uneasy delay that is as uncomfortable as it is annoying.

With a Playbar connected to your TV all you do is pick up your controller (iPad/iPhone/Android) select your TV zone then add your kitchen making a group (Kitchen/Living), the TV sound is then linked in to your kitchen area.

All the tests we’ve done have shown no audio delay so you have seamless synced sound going to all areas in the group. Works like magic!!!

So if you are thinking of a Sound Bar to enhance the audio from your TV set, think about the Sonos experience. You can use your existing remote control and you can add the Sonos wireless sub-woofer to the mix further enhancing the experience. 

And at $999 it is similar in pricing to any other quality sound bar around and with the Sonos audio streaming aspect it brings even greater value!!! Ensure your home has a fast WIFI networking system installed for an enhanced experience.  


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