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Don't Forget to Cancel!!

You get that NBNco letter drop or email letting you know that you now have superfreakingfast internet speeds on your street just waiting for you to connect to and that all you have to do is get onto your service provider to make the switch and ditch your old connection.

If your new connection is over your existing copper (Bigpond Cable or ADSL) you will need to apply for the NBN through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), as NBN is a wholesale company and won't sell you the internet directly. 

If you are using your existing provider remember when you apply for connection to the NBN and select your package that you are not replacing your current connection with an NBN connection, what they are doing is giving you a new connection under your existing account. 

As there is an overlap both services will often keep running, if you don't cancel your old internet service you are likely to run with two services (old + NBN), this means you will still be billed for your old service. 

When your NBN connection is happily running it's a good idea to contact your ISP or go to your ISP web login and actively cancel your old internet connection to avoid unnecessary charges. 

HOT TIP - Don't forget to select the right NBN package, most issues related to NBN speed or performance dissatisfaction are the result of not selecting a package that is suitable for your requirements. 

Ask us about your existing or future requirements, we can even tell you about future technologies like ultra high definition video streaming that requires an appropriate internet package!!! 


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