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First Impressions

Contact with a modern home or apartment is via some sort of access control. This can be as basic as a doorbell or as sophisticated as an IP addressable video intercom system. As with most things in life first impressions mean a lot, a good quality, well designed  access solution should set the tone for the whole dwelling.

Regularly when talking with clients who are building a new home, the daily task of entering the home or leaving can often be simplified with a little planning. The procedure to allow people in and out (including selective restriction) is often referred to as “access control”

When your friends arrive, how will they let you know they have arrived? Are you having a automatic gate? Will it have a gate House with a pedestrian gate ? Do you want separate gate codes for Gardeners or the  pool cleaner ? Once they are inside the gate, how will they leave? Do you want to open the front gate even if you are not home?

Often we will start with an Intercom. Like most technology in your home, the intercom can be connected to or “integrated” with other electronics to further expand its capability. This may include electronic keypads, electronic locks, Security system and lighting control. We can also bring it back to a single App and control the whole process simply from the iPad.

At Surrounds we have a number of “access control” options available plus live demonstrations to give you an idea of the type of options available for your home.


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