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Installation Complete (Watermans Bay)

Our clever technical crew has just completed a rack system installation north of the river.

From the image you can see the building project is still concluding however in working in with building company's we find being ahead of things in that last rush to complete for client move in, certainly comes in handy. 

Custom built electronic systems that we cable throughout the home take a reasonable amount of time after the owner moves in to iron out bugs, sort 3rd party conflict issues and of course so that we can customise to the owner's particular requirements. 


Starting from the top of the rack we have the Surrounds service hotline details. Because we know how important internet, WIFI and other services are for our clients we ensure we can be reachable during emergencies, YES, even on weekends!!! 

The bright pink data cable connects the active network switches to the network gateway or router, we use bright pink so that the internet installation technicians know what cable to use when they install the ADSL modem.

The gateway or router, provides a local working network, pending ADSL installation in this non-NBN area.

Like all our other installations (great or small), we have included as standard a remote management interface, installed so that we can service the system remotely. This comes in handy when the client forgets his/her security code or needs to cancel their teenager's WIFI access.  

Distributed source equipment like Foxtel and Media Players live in this rack which then sends (via AV matrix) the signal throughout the home. Note rack and cables are carefully labelled, nothing is worse than trying to service a system 2 years later without a quick reference. 

You can never get enough power distribution, this allows for good initial installation plus adequate overhead for additional hardware to fill the blanks later on, plus access to it is easy. This installation has Launchport docking stations for easy iPad wall charging, Surrounds uses remote isolation modules to electronically schedule charging times - this means less wear and tear on the iPad battery (increased lifespan = improved investment returns).

This installation includes CCTV monitoring and Recording, Security and Access Control. Including an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an essential item, it works to maintain power during a fault, cleans up the power signal and reduces the potential for damage by power spikes. 

The room is cooled and rack fans are also used to keep dust away from the sensitive electronic system hardware. 

For installation ideas or to see first hand an active rack installation running live at our design centre in Nedlands, please don't hesitate to get in touch!!


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