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Installing "The Frame"

Samsung has developed a new display panel called "The Frame" which attempts to emulate a framed image on your wall when it is not used traditionally for movies, shows or general entertainment. Essentially the worlds largest digital photo frame and included are pre-installed images or you can purchase additional images through the on board app, you will need to connect your TV to the internet in order to access additional photo content. 

Because it's a 4K HDR screen the image display is really quite stunning, so if you are looking for a display panel that doubles as a picture frame with dynamic images then this is a fantastic option.

A few neat bits of tech include auto light level adjustments so that regardless of the light in the room the frame will always display the art or photo image brilliantly, in addition, it also has an onboard motion sensor that can be used to shut down the screen when no one is in the room. 

You can also get interchangeable frames or bezels, options include light wood, dark wood, and white wood.

However, if you have reviewed the Samsung advertisements they refer to the cabling to the TV as "invisible" cabling - which it really isn't unless of course, you are half blind or really don't care about cables dangling from your amazing new "seamless" photo frame display.  

To get a seamless installation you need to allow for professional installation or some serious before thought, a general power outlet, for example, will not work in with the purpose installation bracket and the cabling will need to be allowed within the wall for that amazing looking installation. 

After all, if it's meant to be a picture frame you don't want it to look like a poorly installed wall mount TV.

Important installation tips: 

1. You will need recessed wall boxes (power + cable feeds) behind the screen.

2. Don't use a sound bar for sound!! It looks awful, our installation here is 5.1 sound using custom flush mounted ceiling speakers with a proper amplifier for quality sound to match the quality image. 

3.  This type of panel we don't recommend for brick wall installation due to the proprietary cables and the type of connectors used with this panel, if you are building ensure you have your builder build a stud framed wall for this type of panel installation.  


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