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Is your Security Alarm or CCTV Consultant/Installer Licensed?

Private security activities within Western Australia are governed by the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 and the Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997.

For a private company to advertise or in any way hold out that they are willing to supply security services by licensed consultants and installers must hold a valid Security Agent Licence.

This license is authorised by the WA Police Licensing Services and authorises a private company to advertise and supply the services of Security Officers, Security Bodyguards, Security Consultants or Security Installers.

A Security Agent Licence does not authorise anyone to work as a Security Officer, Security Bodyguard, Security Consultant or Security Installer. Any employee of a licensed security company involved in security related work such as Alarms or CCTV requires the appropriate licence (see below).

Heavy fines apply for operating without the appropriate license, your consultant or installer holds a valid identification card that must be carried at all times whilst performing licensed duties. 

Security Consultant Licence

This licence authorises a person to investigate and advise on matters relating to the watching, guarding and protection of property as well as going from place to place seeking out persons who may be prepared to enter into contracts for the supply of security equipment or services.

For consulting on Alarms and CCTV for security purposes the consultant will have a Class 2 licence.

This applies also to electrical consultants, architects or building designers that may be showing detection devices or CCTV coverage plans as part of their designs, they must hold a Security Agent License and a Security Consultant License themselves or consult the services of a licensed security company in order to provide this type of service.

Security Installer Licence

This licence authorises you to install, maintain and repair security equipment controlled by the Act. One thing to note is that this licence does not apply to installers of security equipment in vehicles, vessels or aircraft.

For consulting on Alarms and CCTV for security purposes the installer will have a Class 2 licence.

A full list of current WA license holders can be found at the WA Police website.

Surrounds and other reputable home technology companies who offer Alarm and CCTV systems as part of their suite of services invest heavily in the appropriate initial and ongoing training required for holding these licenses.

We also have the required indemnity and other insurances and are subject to regular audits by compliance officers from the WA Police Department. 


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