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NBN Upgrade Using FTTN

A number of ADSL2 sites throughout Perth are converting to VDSL2 or what is known as Fibre To The Node (FTTN) technology in the next few months. For more details go to and enter your site address, leave your email for updates if your area is not yet ready. 

FTTN technology utilises "nodes" which are green coloured cabinets connected to fibre that are sprouting up along streets in certain connected suburbs, the distance between the node and your house ultimately determines the highest possible speed. 

This installation took place south of the river in a newly enabled NBN area, you get the usual notification from NBN and then your letterbox starts filling with offers from the internet service providers. In this case the existing provider (iinet) was used. A self installation service was ordered and the VDSL2 modem arrived, the installation to activate the site was booked for the next week.

Notification was issued that the connection was done, the new modem connected up to the existing phone connection (no filter required), after a few config details the connection synced up. 


Old ADSL 2 Speeds (Telstra Server Test) 

12 Mbps Download Speed, 0.8 Mbps Upload Speed @ 27 ping rate

New VDSL2 Speeds (Telstra Server Test)

52 Mbps Download Speed, 27 Mbps Upload Speed @ 6 ping rate

Contact is at if you would like to know more about the NBN speed boost advantages and also to ensure you have quality WIFI networking installed. 


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