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One App Solutions - Simplifying Technology

One of the key benefits of working with Surrounds, is that we can simplify the technology in your home. We can connect them together and put them under one single App

The app acts as your smart home command centre and allows you to control all of your home’s features, including: motorised shades, security, lighting, audio, video and more. The app works on both Apple and Android devices so you can add it to your Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy phone or iPad.

The  App lets you see your entire home in one glance. The interface is so simple that it looks clean and is easy to understand and navigate. You can even customise the home screen so you can get to the features you use every day quicker.  Create specific names for sequences like, “Relax” or “Movie” and even choose a photo to go with the smart scene. times. With an app this powerful and convenient, you’re going to wish every application could be this good.

To simplify your home and your smartphone, contact us . We’ll add the one app to your mobile devices and help remove all that app clutter from your life and simplify using your favourite technology.


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