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Vivid Audio

Who doesn't love a pair of Vivid Audio loud speakers?? 

Surrounds are lucky enough to have a pair of Vivid Audio G4 Giya loudspeakers here for another month as part of their national tour.

Laurence Dickie (the founder of Vivid Audio) made a name for himself as inventor of the B&W Matrix and designer of their flagship Nautilus™ as well as the Turbosound Polyhorn™ and Dendritic horn systems for professional loudspeakers.

Vivid Audio are pretty well unique in the world of speaker manufacturers , they are a small company that makes their own cabinets, drivers and crossovers. These are a speaker made without compromise.

The G4 is the baby of the Giya range that tops out at the G1 Spirits.


Make an appointment, and come past for a personalised listening experience!! 


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