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Western Suburbs Gets NBN

The roll out of the NBN in the western suburbs has been accelerated with the use of HFC or Hybrid Fibre Coaxial technology, NBNco has been acquiring HFC assets such as the cable infrastructure previously used to deliver Foxtel and cable internet services. Chances are if you have had cable internet and Foxtel services you are likely to make the switch to the NBN using this same cable, simply requiring a modem upgrade. 

By now NBNco and most service providers (Telstra, iiNet etc) would have been in contact via letterbox drops announcing the change and asking you to start the process of making the switch. Its important to note that this IS NOT an opt in service, you will sooner then latter need to make the switch to the NBN as the existing services will be switched off. 

If you are not sure if your home is ready to make the switch go to and enter your address, if work is still progressing simply leave your email so that you can get notified when ready. If your home is ready to connect you will need to contact your service provider and arrange the switch.

If your home has copper line based security monitoring or an emergency lift phone you will need to contact your home security company and have them switch you over to 3G/4G wireless technology. Contact your lift manufacturer to arrange this service upgrade, Surrounds can assist with switching your monitored alarm system over to wireless monitoring if required.

Contact us at to arrange for this upgrade to occur.

Once the NBN upgrade has occurred you may want to review your local wired and WIFI networking hardware as well as your entertainment options. NBN speeds allow for HD and 4K streaming services like Netflix, Foxtel Play and Apple TV for video on demand content. 

Remember that if you require a home phone connection ensure you discuss this with your internet service provider, as the copper phone service will eventually be disconnected. 


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