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When Cable Cabinets Explode!!

We often find it curious when called out to perform a technology rescue, at the heart of an extensive cabling installation we typically discover the smallest possible cable hub or cable termination point.

It's usually so stuffed with hardware that at the moment we unlock the cabinet it explodes due to pressurisation of hardware within.

The door is used to jam the hardware and cable patch leads in so that the unsightly mess is hidden. In these sorts of installations, we find the hardware that is required at installation and into the future to drive signal through the cables is compromised.

What you have is cable future proofing but without the means for correct hardware securing, cooling, fixing or even appropriate power provisions you are completely limited and have a cabinet where if ever you need to access it you an explosive mess on your hands.

This, of course, is fixable, core business at Surrounds these days is getting involved in electronic systems renovations or rescues. All cables are pulled back, labelled, re-terminated and a new hub is installed allowing for correct terminations, power management, shelving for appropriate hardware and with plenty of space around for cooling purposes.

Fixing these exploding racks or cable hubs is not something you want to plan for as it's not exactly cheap!!!The best way to ensure the image attached is not going to end up in your home is to get advice on planning the installation correctly, make sure your consultant or installation team understand your requirements and responsibly allow overhead for the future and consider adequate upgrade space.

Technology provisions within the home now more than ever before have to be considered with future upgrades in mind and part of the planning provisions. We are all accustomed to changing our phones every couple of years to take advantage of new features and options offered by newer tech, this in some ways should be considered for the technology going into your home.

Surround's has a number of cable hub options available plus live demonstrations to give you an idea of the type of layout you are likely to need for your new home.


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