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Why Cable? Isn't everything WIFI?

There are a number of exciting new technology advancements in the residential space, with the introduction of really smart phones about 10 years ago the usability factor for the end user has increased quite dramatically. 

Many devices nowadays support wireless interaction and this makes using new technology really convenient. 

WIFI has gotten much better over time, it's estimated that most homes on average have at least 10 WIFI connected devices, these could be TVs, Watches, Phones or even a coffee machine.

A lot of the data signal burden that used to run over hard-wired data cables has moved over into the WIFI space, which makes it extremely important to WIRE DATA CABLES to WIFI access antennas located strategically around the home to send the wired signal throughout the home over the WIFI channel. 

Because of the above, data wiring can be reduced, it used to be a common practice to wire multiple data points to different locations within bedrooms for plugging a laptop in, this is now no longer required for most installations. 

Wiring data however to entertainment spaces like Family, Games or Cinema rooms is very important. Video streaming technology, for example, is getting better and better with 4K (incredible image definition) and even talk of 8K (unbelievable image definition) and beyond. This type of signal uses a huge amount of data and WIFI is simply not able to handle multiple streams reliably yet.

Design Tip - Include data cable to ceiling installed Wireless Access Points (WAPS) throughout the home (consider discrete locations like walk in robes, pantry areas etc.). Include data cable to entertainment areas for enhanced video quality transmission.

Alarm and Access control hardware like keypads and proximity readers should still be hardwired, this affords greater security for these types of services. 


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