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Are you looking to fill your restaurant or small bar with ambient atmosphere creating sound? Do you have an acoustically challenging space that needs some sound conditioning? We also assist with setting up content providers for the supply of licenced audio content suitable for public broadcast. 


Do you have a hotel where you need an audio-visual solution, either for luxury suites or public spaces? Or do you have an existing establishment that requires a refresh or ongoing service and preventative maintenance? 


Content is king, be it commercial advertising, signage, dynamic information or even in-room entertainment. We can assist you with digital audio and video content distribution requirements starting from a few digital displays or areas to hundreds, often using existing network infrastructure.  


Digital display signage is key for bringing your content to the masses. this includes video walls, individual displays and even custom-built kiosks with touch interfaces. Talk to us about integrating digital signage with our digital content distribution system. 


From ambient audio in general spaces through to in-room entertainment services, we are experienced in creating simple solutions for the short stay guest. We can even link in with other room devices such as HVAC, LIghting and Blinds creating a one-touch control solution. 


Equipment failure is an eventual fact of life, we can handle repair of most audiovisual hardware either under warranty or outside of warranty. This can include assessment, removal, repair and reinstallation. 


We enjoy the challenges that come with custom or bespoke design, often we get asked to come up with custom products or solutions for specific requirements often faced in the hospitality industry. Talk to us if you have any unusual or bespoke requirements. 


All electronic systems require maintenance from time to time, often at a time of high usage. We offer affordable preventative maintenance options so that equipment and systems are maintained, this ensures that at peak time risk of failure is reduced. 

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If you have a Hotel, Bar, Restaurant project that you would like to discuss with us, or perhaps you manage an existing site that needs a refresh or you are looking into preventative maintenance options, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch. 

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