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Renovating an existing property can bring its own set of challenges, some properties have been cabled well and the design allows for access to different areas. Single level homes are a lot easier to implement technology upgrades then multi-level residences, and of course, a lot depends on how extensive the renovation project is. 


Surrounds offers an obligation free site visit which is essential for working out pricing for implementing technology services into an existing home and minimising construction works. This involves an assessment of cable access, working out what we can do to avoid excessive make good and providing a fixed or variable price quote. Project management, cabling, installation and commissioning is included within our quote.  We can also include electrical (240 volt) services.


If your home was built in the last 20 years you may find that it was wired with some form of twisted pair or data type cabling. Category 5 cable has been installed in homes for years and can continue to be used. We can inspect any existing cable and either reuse or replace as is required, modern termination methods can also be used on existing cable for better signal transmission. 


A simple network switch or WIFI access point upgrade may be all it takes to give you a speed boost. WIFI technology is constantly evolving and we find a network hardware upgrade makes a world of difference not just for internet usage (emails, web) but more importantly for higher bandwidth requirements such as Netflix or other audio or video streaming services. 


Did you know that most motor controlled gates or doors can be controlled remotely? While adding electronic access control or keypads and electronic locks to an existing home can be tricky, advantages like controlling these existing devices via an app or via an intercom button can bring great convenience. 


Most intercom systems or doorbell style interfaces were cabled with basic two wire cable. Depending on the quality of the cable these can often be upgraded without a great deal of fuss. Talk to us about options for answering the door while away from your home. 


If you have an existing lighting control system or twisted pair cabling at your switch location, we can upgrade and make substantial improvements using the existing cabling system. Energy saving options like swapping switches for motion sensors or upgrading to LED energy saving fittings are options that can be considered. 


Most homes will have a single TV cable wired to the roof for the existing antenna installation which in most cases can be reused. Antenna technology has improved allowing for smaller and less noticeable installations, you may also want to consider extra cabling for Foxtel, NBN, fixed wireless or even 5G reception. 


If you have an old alarm system in your home, often the existing wiring will support a hardware upgrade. We can inspect your existing system and make recommendations, for example, you may want app-based control with the ability to arm and disarm remotely. You may also need to consider a 4G monitoring upgrade, or you may want to discuss a combined CCTV camera and security alarm monitoring options with us. 


Installing security cameras in an existing residence has been made a lot easier with IP or network based cameras. These IP cameras use a single network cable for power, signal and control making retrofitting these days a lot easier. If you have an older coaxial camera system, we can often upgrade the cameras, giving you higher resolution while reusing the existing cable.


It is surprising how many existing Alfresco and Kitchen areas have not been wired for audio. Talk to us about our discrete flush mount speaker options for entertainment areas around your home. Did you know that you can control Spotify music in your entertaining areas?


The convenience of a single app for control in an existing home is often achievable, talk to us about the options available for your particular situation. 

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