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End of TIVO EPG Service

TIVO launched its exceptionally reliable digital HD receiver or set top box in 2008.

With an exceptional EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) service and with few returns most of these have been running well since startup and have enjoyed excellent customer satisfaction over the years.


To everyone's surprise, TIVO exited the Australian market in 2013 around the same time their new box with streaming capabilities was released in the US, there were no plans to bring that box to Australia.

Since then the electronic programming guide service has continued to run, this service allows for viewing of programming information and the ability to accurately record shows. 

Without an EPG to detail program start and stop times your TIVO device wont record shows precisely as they start, due to programming data changing often you cant simply rely on advertised or listed start times, a consequence of this will be recording shows up to 15 minutes after start times or even not at all.

This effectively is the final nail in the coffin, with the service being terminated on October 31st, 2017 it is important to consider an upgrade solution for your HD free to air channel viewing and recording. 

We have listed three options below for review:

Foxtel IQ3 Option

Most are aware of the latest Foxtel IQ3 box and most would have read some of the negative coverage about the reliability issues when this box was launched. There have been some substantial updates and the box is now running better, this is typical with the launch of any new hardware these days as they all rush to market. 

The key feature with the new IQ3 box is that it has a digital HD tuner installed, this means you can order the box and connect it to your aerial/antenna cable and you get all your HD channels with your Foxtel Pay-TV channels, so one  interface bringing all the signals together removing the need to jump to another hardware source for Free TV signals. 

If you have IQ2 you simply need to contact Foxtel and order the replacement IQ3 box, if you have an IQ3 chances are you simply need to connect up the antenna cable and re-tune. 

If you have a universal remote control this may need to be adjusted to suit the new setup and removal of the TIVO interface, contact us at to talk about this upgrade. 

Fetch TV Option

Fetch TV is more or less a Foxtel competitor, they build a box that can handle streaming services for premium channels and you can have Netflix and others along with digital HD free to air signals. It's important to note that it's almost a requirement to have a  FAST internet connection if you are going to go with Fetch as a Foxtel replacement, unlike Foxtel Fetch doesn't have access to satellite or cable channels so without good internet the box is limited, much like an Apple TV box. 

The good thing about Fetch is that if you go through the TIVO website for a limited amount of time they are offering $100 credit against the purchase of the Fetch Mighty, you can find all that information here at the TIVO swap-out website.

If you go the Fetch TV option simply order your new box through the link above, when your box arrives it will need to be activated ($1 activation cost) and installed where your TIVO box is currently, you will require an HDMI, RF and data connection.

Contact us at to talk about this upgrade. 

Other Options 

There are plenty of other companies and brands releasing digital HD tuner boxes, STRONG is an example of this and they all come with smarts like the ability to install apps, share content and larger hard drives for greater storage potential. The differences between these and the Fetch or Foxtel option is largely to do with the content available. 

If all you want is a no nonsense box for receiving Free TV digital channels then come talk to us or contact so we can discuss your options.  


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