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SONOS EOFY discounts are now available for the Play 1's and Subwoofers but get in quick as this special pricing is for a very limited amount of time only!!!!

There are three ways to save on Sonos speakers designed for both home theatre and music listening.

Take $70 off two PLAY:1s and use them to fill two more rooms with different music. Or group them together with any other Sonos speakers and play the same song, party-style, all through the house. You can even pair two PLAY:1s up for instant stereo sound. 

Take $150 off the SUB and add it to their Sonos home theatre. SUB’s deep, soul-shaking booms and rumbles will enhance all their favourite movies, TV shows and video games. 

The best option – Take the full $220 off all three speakers and add them to a PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE for a complete wireless surround sound system. 

Contact us at to take advantage of this special offer, all items are on display so come on down and see it LIVE. Ensure your home has fast WIFI Networking to support high resolution audio streaming!! 


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